Mighty Kid of the Month

My son Ethan is a super hero. He is fascinated with many comic book super heroes, like Spiderman, Superman and Batman.  However, he is in awe of Indiana Jones, otherwise known as Dr. Henry Jones.  Ethan strives to be the best he can be in learning about archeology and wants to attend “Barnett College” where Indy teaches. Prior to entering pre-school at age 2.9, Ethan recognized both upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.  He aspires to learn, and also wants to be a “professor just like Indy”.  He is a bright young boy who is kind hearted, gentle and helpful to his friends.  Ethan is not only interested in helping friends, but strangers as well.   He assisted a soldier who lost one arm in battle with placing his groceries on the check-out counter.  Ethan is an innovative leader, and I’m proud to be his mother.  He is my hero.

Is your child obsessed with super heroes?
Now they can be one too! Just tell us why your child is a super hero to you and they could be selected as our Mighty Kid of the Month! We are looking for a Mighty Kid who embodies SuperEmpowerment™ and has a can-do attitude and makes smart choices. If selected, your child will be featured on our website and Facebook page for that month.

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